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The Rising Trend of Loose Leaf Tea

Loose-leaf tea may seem a little out of the ordinary if you’re used to making your favourite cuppa with a teabag, but the popularity of loose-leaf tea is on the rise.

Here’s why:

Did you know that the tea leaves most commonly used in teabags are usually dust and fannings from broken tea leaves?

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More Great Taste Awards for our Birchall Tea Range!

Birchall Tea have done it again! Following their huge success at the Great Taste Awards last year, they’ve scooped an impressive 7 more awards this year!

The Great Taste Awards are the world’s most coveted blind-tasted food awards and so it’s a truly impressive achievement that Birchall have now added 7 more gold accolades, taking their total, since first entering in 2011, to 39 prestigious awards.

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