Blendtec Cold Foam Jug & Lid

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Blendtec Cold Foam Jug & Lid

Introducing the latest development from the minds at Blendtec; the Cold Foam jar.

Blendtec have developed a jar which turns 200ml of cold skimmed milk into silky smooth, mousse-like thick foam in only 18 seconds. Whether used on its own to top iced coffees, or flavoured with any number of other ingredients.

The cold foam jug can be used on any Blendtec blender, other than the NBS.

To make cold foam

  1. Pour 200ml of cold skimmed milk into a Blendtec cold foam jar
  2. Blend on cold foam setting
  3. Pour foam into cup or to top your latest creation.

200ml will give you enough foam for a 12oz cup

How to add flavour

  • Syrup - 2 pumps
  • Sauce - 2 pumps
  • Smoothie - 30ml
  • Matcha - 1/2 mini scoop
  • Turmeric - 1/2 mini scoop
  • 100% Cocoa - 1/2 scoop