Milfresh Fair & Ethical Hot Chocolate

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Milfresh Fair & Ethical Drinking Chocolate 10x1kg

Milfresh 100% Fairtrade chocolate. Ensures cocoa & sugar farmers are guaranteed a fair wage, decent working and living conditions and are supported and helped to farm sustainably and benefit from community infrastructure investment.

Made with the finest Fairtrade cocoa and skimmed milk, this drinking chocolate delivers a rich and creamy drink, with a smooth and frothy mouth-feel. Not too sweet and not too bitter, Milfresh Hot Chocolate is a great all day drinking hot chocolate which you will love.

Can be used in vending machines or straight from the bag with hot water.

Milfresh Fair & Ethical is free of hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO's) and complies with School Foods Trust Guidelines.

Suggested gram throws per hot chocolate drink:

  • 200ml (7oz) = 20g
  • 250ml (9oz) = 25g
  • 330ml (12oz) = 30g