Milk Pitcher Rinser - Side Spray

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Milk Pitcher Rinser - Side Spray

Pitcher rinsers have become an integral device for every busy coffee bar and when you are brewing multiple cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites on a daily basis, time is a key factor.

Milk pitchers need to be clean and cooled down, both for sanitary purposes and for achieving quality texture to the milk, before you can steam again.

Within a few seconds this rinser simultaneously cleans and cools your milk pitcher in preparation for your next drink.

This pitcher rinser is perfect for use in a busy cafe environment with plenty of room for placing pitchers to drain.


  • Connection to cold water line
  • Requires drainage hose/connection (not included) - 1" connection


  • 508mm (L)
  • 178mm (W)
  • 22mm (D)

***We recommend carefully measuring your rinser's dimensions before making any cuts prior to installation.

This really is a must-have for a serious coffee shop, saving you time and energy