Knock-out Drawer - Heavy Duty

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Knock-out Drawer - Heavy Duty

Exclusive, heavy duty, triangular knock bar - designed to knock easier and not break like a lot of cheaper knock-out drawers

Never go cheap on a knock-out box - so many people regret buying the cheaper knock out boxes as they aren’t robust enough and are often quickly damaged.

Our unique triangular bar concentrates the force in the group handle providing a better impact to shake out the coffee whilst also dissipating the shock through the base of the triangle thus reducing the load and meaning it is much less likely to break. The bar is also rubber coated for extra noise reduction.

  • Satin finish stainless steel knock-out box
  • Unique heavy duty triangular knock bar
  • Rubber coated bar for noise reduction
  • Air vents to prevent condensation build-up
  • Feet are screwed in and wont fall off like cheaper models
  • Size - 260mm (W) x 385mm (L) x 100mm (H)
  • Fits under all size grinders

The triangular bar is securely fixed with brackets to prevent it falling out.

If you do wish to remove the bar, complete the following

  • Remove the drawer from the body
  • Place on its side in a sink and pour hot water onto the bar - this will soften the rubber
  • Drain any access water from the drawer - we advise using gloves to do this as the drawer may be warm
  • Pull out the rubber plugs on the sides of the drawer. Then push the center stainless rod out of the triangular rubber through one of the holes.
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