Everpure Claris Ultra 1500 Cartridge

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Everpure Claris Ultra 1500 Cartridge

Outstanding filtration technology

With the introduction of Claris ULTRA, Everpure is offering a new standard of water filtration technology providing previously unavailable accuracy for scale and acidity control.

Everpure’s new Claris ULTRA filter range successfully solves the challenges of finding the best balance between protecting an operation’s equipment investment and achieving the desired quality of brewed coffee, espresso, other hot drinks and ice cubes, by consistently maintaining a moderate acidity level according to the EU drinking water regulation.

Claris ULTRA with its new water filtration and conditioning technology is the world’s first filter system to effectively

combine hardness reduction, mineral stabilisation and corrosion inhibition by maintaining a controlled low carbonic acid level in the water.

As a result, Everpure Claris ULTRA delivers the best available water quality for hot drinks and ice machines while preventing scale formation in machines and inhibiting metal migration (corrosion) of machine parts across the widest range of water hardness levels.

Long equipment lifetime - low running costs Claris ULTRA has been specifically developed to remove a range of contaminants from the water, such as particles or

unwanted taste & odour. Additionally it adapts and stabilises the water hardness minerals to enhance the performance of hot drinks and ice machines and to minimise operation costs.

Equipment life and the cost for maintenance to keep hot drinks and ice making equipment running at peak efficiency depend on the ability of the filter system to selectively and precisely balance mineral levels to protect machine parts effectively from water related problems. The reduction and stabilisation of hardness is only one part of the story to protect machine parts. A foodservice water filter also needs to trigger a balanced acidity in water as the basis for perfect hot drinks and to inhibit metal migration from sensitive machine parts.

Claris ULTRA meets all these requirements and offers unmatched low running costs. It delivers perfect water for high quality food and beverage preparation, prevents water related problems and offers superior ease of operation.

Claris ULTRA unique features and benefits:

  • Combines lime scale protection and corrosion inhibition
  • Inhibits metal migration (corrosion) from machine parts
  • Maintains pH range according to EU drinking water regulation
  • Offers cartridge family with widest capacity (one head fi ts all)
  • Ensures lower cost of operation / less down time of machines

Claris ULTRA specific features and benefits:

  • Sustaining coffee roasting quality / optimal use of ingredients
  • Lime scale protection / avoids frequent descaling service
  • Enhanced energy efficiency / less cost of operation
  • Small foot print / less space requirement per litre

Claris ULTRA standard features and benefits:

  • Cartridge family with widest capacity range (one head fits all)
  • DuoBlend® valve technology for most accurate bypass ratio
  • Works mounted / free-standing / horizontal / vertical
  • 5 μm Carbon block membrane for best particle protection
  • Installation and replacement in a hand-turn
  • Lower pressure loss / higher throughput


  • Height, complete filter system 525mm
  • Height, cartridge only 475mm
  • Diameter of cartridge 136mm
  • Minimum distance from the ground 40mm
  • Weight 4.3kg

Operating data:

  • System pressure 2-8bar
  • Water / Ambient temperature 4º - 30º


  • Ice machines and vending (without steam operation) - 12,100L
  • Coffee machines with steam operation - 10,000L