Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee Beans

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Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee Beans

Single Origin: Brazil

Heavy bodied with a cream-like mouthfeel, butterscotch, hazelnut brittle and a long, lingering finish. 

A spotlight on Origin

Located in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, near the ity of Patos de Minas, lies Fazenda Pantano, Covering a total area of over 800 hectares, Fazenda Pantano has dedicated 100 hectares to natural forest reserves; a contributing factor that helped them win an award for Sustainability in Perennial Crops. 

Fazanda Pantano's Yellow Bourbon coffee cherries are harvester before being dried on raised African style drying beds, resulting in a more evenly dried crop with higher sweetness. All processing takes place on the farm itself, whilst parchment hulling takes pace at the point of export for maximum freshness.