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La Spaziale machines - the ultimate solution for your coffee shop

Here at Coffee Masters, we know full well that you'll have a lot to think about when setting up your Worcestershire or West Midlands coffee shop. The location will have to be right in terms of rent and attracting the right kind of customers, and the decor will need to create the perfect ambience. But do you know what else is pretty important? Your choice of coffee machine.

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Getting your barista training right

There's just so much involved in setting up a coffee shop, isn't there? Until we do it, most of us don't realise what a daunting thing it is to do - there's a lot more to think about than merely the rent and some coffee beans. Indeed, buying all of the vital equipment - such as from our own fine range of La Spaziale coffee machines in the West Midlands - might come quite late in the process.

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What to eat with your coffee

I love food. Almost as much as coffee. So as I was drinking my coffee this morning I got to thinking about what food should be eaten with my favourite drink…

You know the old food and drink combos: -

• Red wine and steak

• Port and cheese

• Smoked Salmon and champagne

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Benefits of Coffee!

We figured that, as we are an independent, wholesale coffee company we should try to sell ourselves that little bit more (apart from the fact we are great!) by telling you about how amazing coffee is, and why so many people drink it.

You only have to google ‘why drink coffee’ and you get hit by a multitude of responses and images, our particular favourite image is below.

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