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How to Avoid the Dangers of Coffee Machines

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is an art form and to create art you need properly maintained tools.

A coffee machine can be extremely dangerous to you and your customers, especially if you don’t look after it properly.

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Are Coffee Grounds the Next Biofuel?

A world fuelled by coffee? It’s the stuff of dreams and it could become a reality in the very near future.

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What is Cold Brew Coffee and How Do I Make One?

Cold brew coffee is one of a range of new coffee creations that have seen the light over the past year and are now growing in popularity throughout the UK.

You might be asking yourself, what is cold brew coffee? Well, it’s exactly what it says in the name. It’s coffee that’s brewed and served cold.

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Is Green Tea the New Coffee?

Tea has risen in popularity over the past few years and whilst it’s still not at the point of competing directly with coffee, you can find a greater assortment of teas appearing on a range of coffee menus.

Most of us go straight for a cup of coffee to give us our morning dose of energy but, as we all know, whilst a boost of caffeine can do wonders for getting your through the day, mass amounts of caffeine aren't great for you.

Another effective way to get an energy boost that benefits your short and long-term health is by drinking Green tea.

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Spooky Halloween Coffee Drinks

Halloween is just around the corner and although it can seem like a holiday just for children, we’ve put together this list of Halloween inspired coffee drink recipes to make it fun for you too!

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5 Alcoholic Coffee Drinks To Really Wake You Up

Has there been a time in your life when your regular cup of coffee just hasn't quite done it for you? Did it need a little something extra?

If you’re seeking a coffee-infused pick me up or a way to get the party started with your favourite drink try one of these 5 coffee cocktails.

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5 Alternate Uses for Coffee

Have you ever wondered what you can do with coffee, other than drink it? Of course you have! It’s what we coffee fanatics dream of…more and more ways to bring coffee into our lives.

Dream no more. Here are 5 alternate uses for all types of coffee before and after brewing.

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Summer Foods

Ok so we have done iced coffee recipes.

We have done food and coffee pairings.

What we have NOT done is food recipes that include coffee. As summer is now officially upon us (Yippee!!) we thought we would give you the pick of our favourite coffee summer recipes.

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Fresh is Best!

Ok so to start this blog we are not going to mention coffee - for a few lines at least!

As we get more aware of how food is made and stored there is an increased demand on fresh produce – many of us believe that the fresher the food the better.

Fresh food simply tastes better and when food tastes good, you are more likely to eat it.

With this in mind (here comes the coffee part!) more and more people are turning to on demand coffee grinders.

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The Coffee Menu

We were recently contacted by a new coffee drinker who wanted to know, as a complete newbie, what coffee to drink and why. For those of you familiar with our website, you will see that we have a great graphic that goes a long way to explaining the coffee scale!

To take it to the next level, and to help our new customer out (we are good like that!) we thought we would expand a bit more in this blog.

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