1883 Fruit Puree - Passion Fruit

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1883 Fruit Puree - Passion Fruit 900ml

The warm hues of a blazing orange colour bring to mind the final rays of the setting sun over a tropical rainforest.

The passion fruit unveils its subtle juxtapositions 1883 Passion Fruit. The sweetness of the exotic fruit is blended with a touch of acidity that awakens the senses. A refined floral hint comes forth, evoking the scent of the fruit's serrated flowers. 

Finally, the sulphurous notes of the passion fruit reveal themselves in all their delicate nature. A beautiful harmony that underlines the authenticity of this South American fruit and treasure that the conquistadors brought home to Europe.

Use in Frappes, Milk Shakes and Cocktails to create fun results. Use with Thick and Creamy Frappe Base to create thicker creamier drinks (use with water rather than milk for the best results)

Shake before opening. Keep dry and at room temperature. Consume within 4 weeks after opening.