Zuma Toppings - Gold Dust

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Zuma Toppings - Gold Dust 1x300g

As an established leader in the industry for drinks, Zuma deemed it only appropriate to bring in some toppings too. And so, introducing the brand new range of Zuma's Toppings & Treats. Each sweet and chocolatey that work perfectly with both hot and cold drinks, but not limited to either, working well with cookies, cakes, ice creams...etc. The full range of Zuma products are free from artificial colour and preservatives to give you and your customers a worry free drinking experience


  • No artificial colours
  • No preservatives

Pack size:

  • 1x300g tub


A blend of cocoa and edible gold powder, our Gold Dust adds a luscious golden sheen to any steamed milk drink. Use it to add some extra pizzazz to your winter menu, by sprinkling on top of hot drinks. Or, if you dare adding whipped cream, dust the top of the drink first, and then add the cream. As the cream covers the drink it picks up a layer of the powder giving a golden gloss around the edge of the drink.