Vitro S1 Espresso

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Vitro S1 Espresso

The Vitro S1 Espresso is a compact coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality of coffee espresso-based drinks into any location that consumes less than 60 cups per day.

Drink Selection

  • Espresso                
  • Americano                
  • Café Latte                
  • Cappuccino                
  • Chocolate                
  • ChocoLatte                
  • Hot water for tea and infusions                
  • Cortado


  • Water tank capacity: 4 litres                
  • Product capacity (g): Coffee beans 1200g, powdered milk 600g, chocolate 800g                
  • Weight: 27.5kg                
  • Boiler capacity: 315cc                
  • Selection type: Direct touch keypad                
  • No of selections: 8                
  • Voltage: 23 0 v                
  • Maximum power: 1500 w                
  • Ideal for any location consuming less than 60 cups a day