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Retail Coffee With Your Own Branding

Sell Your Own Branded Coffee Bags

Would you like to retail coffee bags with your own logo and branding? Here at Coffee Masters, our delicious coffee blends can be packaged in bags and pouches that prominently display your name and company logo.

Selling your own branded coffee bags is easier than you might have thought. Simply choose your blend, pick your packaging style and select the number of paper bags or foil pouches. Our freshly roasted coffee will then be securely delivered in your own custom label bags.


Personalised with your logo

Stand out from your competitors and proudly sell the same great coffee you sell in your establishment that your customers know and love

Roasted & packaged in the UK

Choose from whole beans or ground coffee (either espresso or cafetierre)


Gas flushed bags

Available in 250g bags

Available in the following colours: black gloss, blue gloss, gold gloss, green gloss, white gloss, copper/orange gloss, red gloss, silver gloss and Kraft.

Re-sealable Foil Coffee Pouches 

Available in 250g bags

Available in the following colours: matt black, white gloss and Kraft.


Improved customer loyalty

With retail coffee bags you’re not only providing your customers delicious coffee in your shop, you’re looking after their coffee needs at home. In doing so they’ll develop a stronger affinity for the taste of your coffee, making them less likely to visit other establishments.

Additional revenue

With retail prices in the region of £4 – £6 per bag, selling your own branded coffee helps you to achieve greater profits

Increased brand awareness

Even on a local scale, awareness for your business is crucial. If your customers love your coffee and take it into their own home through purchasing your retail coffee bags there is a good chance their friends and family will be exposed to your delicious coffee too. This can only have a positive effect on your business and often helps to drive more customers into your shop.

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