Moma Porridge - Golden Syrup

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Moma Porridge - Golden Syrup - 12x75g


MOMA's Golden Syrup instant porridge pot is deliciously tasty and the perfect breakfast to start your day awesome. Using gluten free jumbo and fine oats with natural flavouring, it ticks all the boxes.

MOMA’s Golden Syrup Porridge Pot is packed with flavour and hearty goodness. With a sprinkling of raw cane sugar and natural flavours, this is the perfect breakfast for those who like to start the morning with a sweet treat. Our MOMA Golden Syrup Porridge Pot uses a unique blend of jumbo and fine gluten free oats with low fat milk powder, for a distinctively creamy yet chunky texture

For the perfect pot, add hot water from a recently boiled kettle to the fill line, wait 3 – 4 minutes and your MOMA Golden Syrup Porridge will be good to go.