1883 Fruit Puree - Banana

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1883 Fruit Puree - Banana 900ml

A creamy texture that evokes all the creaminess of a ripe banana.

1883 Banana retains the balance of all the authentic flavours of this fruit. A sweet and comforting touch is married with the subtle flavour of the banana blossom. An indulgent roundness is revealed on the taste buds, as satisfying as a freshly blended smoothie. 

All is brought together with baked notes and the light yellow colour that recalls the natural shade of the banana.

Use in Frappes, Milk Shakes and Cocktails to create fun results. Use with Thick and Creamy Frappe Base to create thicker creamier drinks (use with water rather than milk for the best results)

Shake before opening. Keep dry and at room temperature. Consume within 4 weeks after opening.