Conti MONTE CARLO Espresso Machine

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Conti MONTE CARLO Espresso Machine

New multi-boiler technology

Features that make this machine stand out from the crowd

  • Independent coffee boilers (0.9L) - Each thermally isolated and temperature controlled by PID system, keeping group temperatures to within +/- 1°C tolerance allowing the barista to adjust boiler which helps to find the ‘sweet spot’ for the chosen coffee.
  • Slow pre-infusion system - Which can be set independently on each coffee group.
  • Automatic group cleaning function - Makes cleaning simple and frees you up to do other things!
  • Eco Mode - Drops the boiler temperature to 60°C - perfect for quiet periods or overnight and enables the machine to heat up faster for service. No need to switch the machine off anymore!
  • LED Barista Lights - Over the working space let you see the perfect extraction, work cleaner and be more efficient.
  • TCI system - Allows individual group temperatures to be adjusted, by way of cold water injection into the group – this not only achieves consistency and extreme stability, it allows the site to increase main steam boiler temperature therefore pressure, to increase steam volume and hourly output.
  • Flow Control system - Controls and stabilises the idle temperature of the coffee water (by adjusting the speed at which the coffee water flows through the thermo-syphon) which helps avoid coffee water sitting within the group, going stale and overheating.
  • Dual Hot Water Taps - Electrically activated allowing different temperature for tea.
  • Cool touch steam wand - With non stick coating.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics - Including additional LED’s, chrome finish to side panels, body coloured front panels, polished effect steam paddles and illuminated Conti branding to rear panel.
  • Can be colour matched to your grinder - Really stand out from your competition by colour matching your grinder and your coffee machine -  find out more.

Technical Features

  • Internal rotative pump adjustable from the outside
  • Copper steam boiler thermally insulated
  • Volumetric dosing
  • 2 pressure gauges : boiler pressure and pump pressure
  • Heating element protected by klixon
  • Advanced Diagnostic system with ‘eye-level’ display assist in fault diagnosis, service and filter change intervals, coffee counters, shot timers and boiler temperature.
  • Advanced Thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control ensures maximum temperature, stability and consistency.
  • 2 x Lever Activated Steam Arms for ease of use
  • Group isolation system allows individual groups to be worked on whilst machine is in service limiting ‘downtime’ and loss of productivity.
  • Dual pressure gauges, one to measure mains and pump pressure, one for boiler pressure.
  • Direct access to the parameters setting of each coffee group.
  • Parameters of each group can be set independently.
  • Keypad with large keys and surrounding lights.
  • 1 general touch screen display for the main features of the machine.
  • 1 graphic display per group.
  • Cleaning ‘shut down’ if the machine is not cleaned it will not work. This protects the machine from damage.
  • Cup heights:
    • Espresso - 80mm
    • Tall Cup - 140mm

Machine model options

  • 2 Group Espresso
  • 2 Group Tall Cup (no extra cost)
  • 3 Group Espresso
  • 3 Group Tall Cup (no extra cost)

Optional extras

  • Automatic Steam Control – steam arm adds texture to milk and can be set to desired temperature (switches off once temp reached) – avoids scalded milk.
  • Solo kit (machine can work with a water container)

Available colours

  • Available in, matte Black or matte White

Customise and choose your own colour

  • Choose any colour (extra £250 and longer lead time)

Technical specification

2 Group 

  • Power - 4500w (20amp) - option to upgrade to 6700w (30amp)
  • Size - 868mm wide x 566mm high x 612mm deep
  • Boiler capacity - 10litre
  • Weight - 70kg

3 Group

  • Power - 6000w (30amp) - option to upgrade to 7600w (30amp)
  • Size - 1098mm wide x 566mm high x 612mm deep
  • Boiler capacity - 14litre
  • Weight - 86kg

This machine is available to buy or lease

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