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The Cappuccino: Debunking the myths

This staple of European coffee culture is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. The density of the foam, the presence of chocolate sprinkles: all of these are hotly contested by those who work in the industry. And while, as with all things caffeinated, there are no hard and fast rules, its important to put some of the myths to bed.

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Trying our new Colombian single origin

This week, our barista trainer Nathan tries our new fair trade single origin from Colombia.

Colombia is famed for the huge range of flavours found in its coffee. Full-bodied and chocolatey brews? Check. Sweeter, more fruity lots? Also check.

I was intrigued, therefore, when a sample of our new Colombian single origin arrived in the office. The tasting notes on the bag read ‘wine bodied with orange peel, dark chocolate, caramel sweetness and a nutty finish’. Never one to take tasting notes at face value, however, I dived right in with a cupping session.


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