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National Cappuccino Day is Coming!

Calling all coffee lovers! National Cappuccino Day is almost here. On November 8th, each year, coffee lovers gather to celebrate the staple cup of joe that everyone loves – the cappuccino.

It’s the perfect creamy beverage to enjoy on a chilly November morning – and throughout the rest of the day!

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What is a Turmeric Latte and Why is it So Popular?

A turmeric latte, also known as the ‘golden milk’ is the latest trend to hit the coffee-sphere! However, despite the name, it originally wasn’t even coffee.

A turmeric latte is a unique blend of turmeric juice and nut milk; be it almond, coconut or cashew, making it a popular, healthier coffee alternative, with the name ‘golden milk’ coming from its distinctive golden colour.

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