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How the unstoppable rise of veganism is transforming the coffee industry

Every November, vegans all over the world celebrate World Vegan Month, established in 1994 to promote a plant-based diet and lifestyle. While every individual vegan has their own reasons for adopting the lifestyle, the main arguments for veganism revolve around ethical, environmental or health-based concerns. From the perspective of those working in the coffee industry, the steady increase of vegan consumers presents both opportunities and challenges.

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The history of the flat white: How one drink changed coffee culture forever

There is no drink which encapsulates the aesthetics of ‘third wave’ coffee more than the flat white. This short espresso-based drink, usually finished with latte art and served in fashionable surroundings, has transformed the British and American coffee scenes, flying in the face of at least a decade of coffee trends.

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The Cappuccino: Debunking the myths

This staple of European coffee culture is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. The density of the foam, the presence of chocolate sprinkles: all of these are hotly contested by those who work in the industry. And while, as with all things caffeinated, there are no hard and fast rules, its important to put some of the myths to bed.

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