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Give Breakfast an Energy Boost with Espresso Spread

Photo: Selfridges

If the idea of eating breakfast in the morning is enough to drain your energy, fear not, Selfridges have come to the rescue.

The new Flat Brew Espresso Coffee Spread is the ultimate breakfast spread for all you cover lovers. It can be spread onto toast, crumpet, croissants, crackers or if you like to live life without rules, simply dig into the jar with a spoon.

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Why is it Important to Make Time for Tea?

The habit of taking afternoon tea is one that is integral to life in Britain. It originated in the 19th century thanks to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford who often became hungry during the break between lunch and dinner and so used tea and biscuits to keep her hunger at bay.

The drink of tea itself became popular in the late 17th century courtesy of King Charles II. Today, you’ll struggle to find a Briton who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa in the afternoon, to wind down and chat about the day’s events, and it turns out that doing this is great for your health.

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