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Summer Coffee Trends Roundup

Over the past 3 years of the Coffee Masters blog, we’ve seen some truly wonderful and downright strange coffee trends come and go. We’ve seen (and tried) everything from edible coffee cups and cold brew to avocado lattes.

To help you stay up to date on the hottest (and coolest) summer coffee trends we’ve put together our Summer Coffee Trends Roundup featuring some of our favourites!

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The Best Cold Brew Coffee Drinks to Enjoy this Summer!

Most of us need a shot of caffeine each morning to help wake us up and get us ready for the day ahead. But, when summer comes along, bringing with his higher temperatures, that hot cup of morning coffee may look less appealing.

That’s where Cold Brew Coffee steps up to the plate, giving us that jolt of energy without the usual heat from a steaming cup of joe.

First things first. Remember that cold brew and iced coffee are two completely different things. Iced coffee is achieved by simply pouring your hot brewed coffee over ice to instantly cool it down. Whereas, cold brew coffee is never heated, keeping it cool through the whole process and providing a much sweeter flavour.

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