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AeroPress Coffee – What is it?

To some people, AeroPress coffee might look more like a science experiment than a coffee brewing method, and we’d say that it’s a bit of both.

AeroPress coffee makers are just over 10 years old and were first invented in 2005. The actual method of brewing the coffee is very similar to that of drip or filter coffee that was covered in our previous article, ‘What makes drip coffee different?’

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What Makes Drip Coffee Different?

Drip coffee is a traditional method of brewing coffee. Whereas most other coffee brewing methods such as espresso coffee are fast, producing a finished beverage almost instantly, drip coffee takes time and great care to produce the perfect brew.

Drip coffee is very scientific in its approach to crafting a flawless, full-flavoured cup of coffee. Coffee beans are ground much more coarsely than others, to a medium ground.

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Will Decaffeinated Coffee be the Drink of 2017?

Decaf coffee has come a long way in recent years and has seen manufacturers develop their production methods in order to create a drink that reflects the same taste of our beloved cup of coffee.

Studies show that an average of 6% of consumers now order decaffeinated coffee as their daily drink instead of regular coffee.

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